Phenomenal Jesus

Jesus Heals

“That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself took our infirmities, and bare our sicknesses.”
Matthew 8:17 KJV

Is your goal to be like Jesus? Then you must have the same goal in mind that He had. It appears from this scripture, that He was aware that He had made promises that He needed to fulfill.

Are are you good at keeping your word? If you are like most of us, you will say something like, “well, it depends,”.. Those three words we use as an excuse for breaking our word were never used by The Lord. He fulfilled every prophecy that He spoke about Himself. Was he persecuted? Reviled? Threatened? Blasphemed against? Betrayed? Ignored? Despised? Rejected? Yes. All of the above, yet he kept His word to His Father and humanity. He found a way. Jesus’ ability to keep His word depended on keeping His relationship with the Father God who is the source of all strength and favor.

This is all we need to keep our word. We need to be close to the Father. We need to know His heart, His expectations and love and want to please Him. He becomes the force behind our actions and obedience becomes a joy not a burden.

Jesus healed all to keep His word and prophecy would be fulfilled. What have you done to fulfill prophecy spoken about you? That you are faithful, kind, loving and giving. Do you still say, “well, it depends” or are you willing to trust the Father to empower you as Jesus did. He is our example and our strength.

That’s our phenomenal Jesus.


About Ministry of the Watchman with Rev. Barbara A. Williams

Rev. Barbara Williams is an ordained minister who stands in the offices of prophet and teacher. She teaches life in the spirit and supernatural living. The healing gifts operate in her ministry and she teaches healing schools and miracle services in Cleveland, OH, Detroit, MI, and Toledo, OH. President and founder of The Ministry of the Watchman International, she pastors two groups of watchmen in Cleveland and Detroit. Rev. Williams functions in a broad range of the prophet’s ministry. As a songwriter and music producer, she produces the new sound of prophetic music and is known for the live music recordings done at her semiannual conferences held in Detroit. She takes her message wherever the Lord leads and teaches in local churches, conferences, and workshops. The Ministry of the Watchman’s weekly broadcast, “Strong Faith,” can be seen on television in Ohio, and Michigan. The revelation gifts of the Spirit and the teaching revelation gift both operate in her ministry. She encourages believers to walk in the spirit, walk in authority over the powers of darkness, and walk worthy of their calling. By impartation she activates gifts and empowers believers to do the work of the ministry, and to have signs following their work. Rev. Williams’s gift as an inspired writer allows her to publish and edit teaching and prayer manuals, plus newsletters and books.
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