Let It Be Tempered With Love


Let It Be Tempered With Love


I was watching a cooking competition. Since they’re only given a limited amount of time to complete a dish, most contestants only attempt simple, straightforward recipes. One chef, however, had a dish in mind that required tempering eggs to complete a custard sauce. Tempering is a term used to gradually add one product of a cooler temperature to another by taking small amounts of one and combining it with the item to be added until it is added to the whole mixture. In the case of the custard, raw egg is gradually added to the hot custard by taking a small amount of hot custard and mixing the egg making sure the egg doesn’t cook in the process.

God wants what we do tempered with love. It mixes well even in the most delicate situations. When your words are tempered with love, you can lead the worst sinner to repent of his sins. Love causes sworn enemies to become friends. Love defuses arguments and gives hope to those who have given up. It never fails to overcome all obstacles put before it. It makes the ordinary extraordinary.

Don’t forget to add the love.